About Us

Krithvik Public School, a co-educational school is newly established CBSE school in the year of 2020 under the chairmanship of Mr. Ravi Kumar.

Our KPS is committed to give a “Joy of Education” and to shape a generation enlightened individuals who contribute to a better world and to develop a young minds who are ready to face the future.

Our world-class learning community offers an exceptional educational experience and builds a connected, inclusive, inspiring environment for our students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff. It is a vibrant, multicultural and caring community that fosters a deep sense of community well being.

All Children can achieve Success



  • Focuses on the spark in your child’s learning A smart choice,a big difference in a small classroom.The focus of our classrooms is to provide a well-rounded education that inspires all children to be inquisitive and work to their individual full potential.Igniting the unqiue talents & skills of the students at very early stages and install them a habit of winning & brings all round development among the young children.
  • Safe & secure Campus
    CCTV Monitored Campus
    Child-Friendly Campus
    Well Furnished Classrooms
    Creative Corners
    Play Station
    Outdoor & Indoor Play Areas
    Learning Ramps
    Other Learning Facilities


  • Qualified,Dedicated and Inspiring Faculty
    Library Facility for Improving Reference and Reading Skills
    Free Medcial Checkup Facility For Students
    Interactive Learning Through Music & Movement
    Shaping the Minds of Tiny Tots & Setting New Standards
    Personal & Intensive Care on Slow Learner
    Predicting the Child’s Aptitude
    Providing Computer Knowledge
    Conducting Various Competitions
    Own safe & secure transport facilities


  • Education is critical to the relief from poverty; it develops healthiness and productivity, drives gender equality and encourages chances for skyward mobility. It is the base of the nation’s socio-economic development and can be considered the most important investment for progress.Our Chairman Mr.Ravikumar always focuses on school education which sparks a pursuit of knowledge and love for learning for the kids especially rural children. He believes that quality school education with a joy of learning fosters confidence and self-esteem for children from rural India helps individuals to maximise their potential and engage in a meaningful manner in the civic, economic, cultural and social aspects of society.
  • Currently, through the education portfolio, KPS provides joy of learning for all in a comprehensive and holistic manner. The goal is to provide high-quality, authentic, real-world, active learning experiences that mould future India while also working to ensure equitable access to these learning opportunities.
  • KPS has a vision for broadening access for rural children in enjoying high quality school education with deepening learning as well apart from developing teachers to achieve our KPS objective by strengthening the systems. The trust has a governing council consisting of the founder chairman being the head and eminent industrialists, academicians who play a prominent role in fulfilment of joy of learning among children.


Class room

Classrooms at kps are well resourced and spacious. They are designed in such a way that each student gets the teacher’s maximum individualized attention. Students are encouraged to decorate their classrooms and display their creative work on the boards.


KPS provides a space for experiential and hands on learning for students. All the labs are well-stocked with sufficient chemicals, specimens and instruments so that every students gets the opportunity to carry out the experiments individually. Well -qualified and experienced teachers with lab faculties to explore the world of science. Moreover, the safety of every child while handling the chemicals and instruments is taken care off.


Sports & Games in the curriculum has also been an important objective for a healthy and balanced growth of the school. Keeping this in mind the students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of indoor and outdoor games at the school. Sports facilities at KPS has 2 acres of land which includes outdoor games like Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Football, Throw ball, Yoga and Karate.

computer laboratory

The Computer laboratory has maximum computers with a dedicated broadband Internet connection for students. Student usage of media and technology are monitored and supervised by computer faculties.

Math laboratory

Mathematics is an art of human understanding Here, students have the opportunity to see theories come alive and have fun with numbers through activities guided by teachers .The lab creates a challenging atmosphere for students to put their mathematical abilities to test and enhances their analytical reasoning and lateral thinking problem solving skills through various games and activitie

The Library

"Libraries are always remind us that there are good things in this world” at kps, the Library is the main resource center for students .Students have access to vast collection of fiction and non-fiction books, reference books, academic journals, periodicals, magazines, newspapers & text books.

The Auditorium

A fully equipped auditorium allows students to produce plays and performances with the best audio and visual system for small group of students and parents are also held here


We have Cctv's installed at our campus as well each class rooms .KPS provides good and safe transport facilities for the students and we take all necessary precautions to keep the child safe and happy.


KPS is a safety is of utmost importance. The health centre is where students go, when they are in need of any kind of first aid. it is well equipped with basic medical equipments & medicines. A qualified nurse is available to attend the students at all the times.

Chairman message ​

  • Striding Ahead Together – Chairman’s Message
    with enormous pride and great joy I welcome you to the school’s website. You could be a parent, a student, a staff member or anyone fascinated in achieving deeper insights into the operational and knowledge atmosphere of our exhilarating world. I invite you to circumnavigate through our ‘online school’ to aid you cognize intelligibly why our institute offers the finest environment for your little ones and young adults. Right from its inception to now, our institute focus on spreading the light of education along with joy of learning and enhancing the academic excellence of each and every student.The key emphasis spaces continue to remain-creating chances,stimulating minds, motivating innovation an sustaining eagerness.
    Creating Brilliance
    our institute’s objective is to sustain being renowned as a torch bearer of prominent teaching methods with an exceptional pedagogical techniques in inculcating sound knowledge and confidence to students who define future not only for them but for the world as well. We have and will continually strive for brighter and more secure prospects for our children.
    The morals and atmosphere we provide for our children are sustainable and see them successfully through their formative years. My sincere thanks to the school’s Principal, teachers and other staff members without whom these successes who are working tirelessly to achieve the mission and vision of the school
    Once again I welcome you and sincerely hope that our website will arouse your interest and encourage you to take a step towards making one more positive difference in your life.
    Thank you and stay blessed.​


  • Our vision is to develop well rounded, self-assured and accountable personalities who wish to accomplish their full potential. We will do this by providing openhearted, joyful, safe and compassionate learning environment in which everybody is equal and all accomplishments are celebrated.


  •           In order to achieve this, the school
  •           management thrives and agrees to
  1. Encourage and enthuse children to learn

  2. Provide High quality, thought-provoking learning opportunities, which interest and motivate the children

  3. Challenge the children to achieve their full potential

  4. Stimulate a life-long love of learning

  5. Listen to, respect and value each child as an individual

  6. Provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment for all

  7. Develop a home-school partnership

  8. Be an encouraging and consistent role model for learning

  9. Develop confidence and independence in a safe and positive learning environment


  • We enable pupils to become independent learners, to work together and to develop good learning habits.


  • We nuture and develop confident,resilient and happy pupils ensuring that safeguarding is paramount and behaviors is exemplary.


We manage people's time and resources well so that they have the maximum impact on students.


we plan for a rich,relevant and creative curriculum underpinned by ribust basic skills

High Expectations

We have high expectations for ourselves and all pupils and we celebrate and share success with people.


We are professional,we communicate openly and honestly,we problems-solve,we do our job well, we value and respect our colleagues and work together as a team.We thank people.


We Work in parentship with parents and with parents and we keep them informed so that each pupil has the very best support possible.


We actively promote equality and diversity and prepare pupils for life in modern worid.

Frequently asked questions

For those seeking admissions, an off-the-cuff interaction are going to be conducted during which pupil and both the oldsters need to be present. the ultimate decision of the admission committee are going to be binding.

School timings are: 7:15 am to 1:30 pm 

The school has installed CCTV altogether classrooms. Students are always amid teachers or the category monitors once they are moving from one block to the opposite .

KPS considers parents as partners within the education process and fogeys are liberal to meet teachers, with prior appointment, as and when necessary.

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